About Us

About Us-
We are two young men that have been inspired, since our early childhood, to collaborate and make a business together. Both of us grew up in San Antonio, Texas and aim to share southern culture. We have been inspired by the beautiful and diverse nature within Texas. Our passion drives from environmental related activities and scenery. We are big dreamers who are truly excited to work together and develop this company. Together, we are starting small and working with the long term picture in mind. We are passionate in our work and products and looking forward to being able to share our brand with many individuals!
Our Goal-
Our number one priority is to ensure our customers satisfaction in our brand. We aim to create a product of high performance, great comfort and excellent reliability. We are simply proud to our work and feel you should be proud wearing it. We aim to stimulate innovation and creativity. We want to prove that, as cliched as it sounds, anybody can achieve anything with the rig attitude, work ethic and passion. We look forward to working with our community and positively impacting it.